Real People. Real Memories.

Real People. Real Memories.

Mimi & Rex

My grandson Rex was truly afraid of getting into a pool. We tried all sorts of things to encourage and entice him to get in the pool. When he finally agreed to get in the water he had a “death grip” on his father. I read about the SwimAble Kid vest and thought maybe it would help Rex become more comfortable in the water. He agreed to try on the vest and slowly made his way into the water. After a short time, Rex was ready to venture out with his father beside him. In no time he was ready to explorer the entire pool and started playing games with the rest of the family. Of course, then we couldn’t get him out of the pool. I’m confident he’ll be swimming independently very soon. The vest is an awesome swim “device “. The owners of SwimAble Kid have developed a unique way to help kids learn to swim. Their customer service is outstanding. If you have a child that is afraid or hesitant to get in the water, I highly recommend you consider purchasing the swim vest. It’s made all the difference for Rex to enjoy swimming. Mimi, a very happy Grandmom

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